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  • Located USA
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Australian businesses face unique issues because they’re located very remotely from other countries and, consequently, other companies. BoardMaps is here to eliminate the distance and help companies collaborate.

Today Australian company owners don’t have to fly overseas to meet partners or participate in a meeting. The evolution of technology already has everything you need to just stay in your offices and focus on the work instead of wasting time and efforts on flights. Now you only need BoardMaps to hold efficient meetings, both real-life and virtual.

Get ready for the discussion

In the BoardMaps app, directors can store all the documents and supporting information and exchange updates. Also, they can use a secure chat to talk about matters and make minor decisions that don’t require much discussion. All current issues are organized in scope so that nothing remains without the attention of directors.

The biggest advantage is that BoardMaps allows executives creating agendas for the upcoming meeting. Thus, they can choose which issues to discuss in advance to make sure the event will be fruitful, and no one wastes their time. Once the agenda is ready, the responsible member can add supporting documents to it and invite others. This feature helps everyone to get ready for actually creating a plan of action instead of exchanging updates.

Hold an efficient meeting

With BoardMaps, it doesn’t matter whether participants of the event are in the same room or not. Remote members of the board have just as much access to all the required information as those present in the conference room. And since the meeting was planned already, everyone can jump straight to the discussion, wasting no time.

As the directors come up with solutions, they can create drafts of their decisions in BoardMaps, and everyone can vote on them to choose the best strategy. This feature boosts teamwork and allows to register every single idea.

When the decision is made, and the plan of action is clear, directors can create tasks in BoardMaps and assign them to responsible team members setting a deadline if required.

Take actions

Since all the decisions were registered in BoardMaps, and all planned actions are laid out and assigned to responsible members, it is simple for directors to track the progress. They can see which tasks are already done, and which ones are still getting done. As the team moves forward, BoardMaps gathers the information and turns it into statistics.

Analyze and improve the workflow

The opportunity to watch over all processes allows directors to see a full picture and notice flaws in the workflow. And studying the stats, they can get many valuable insights that will help to make better data-driven decisions.

All the records of past decisions and meetings remain stored in BoardMaps. It allows members of the board to come back to them when needed and revise that information to get more ideas on how to bring the business to success. Also, it is convenient for newcomers who join the board. They can study all the information without bothering anyone.