Boardroom Providers


This provider focuses on the wholesomeness of the process. iDeals believes that decisions are tied to results and provides customers with a full life-cycle pattern that will lead the company to success.



This award-winning provider doesn’t brag about unique features. It just provides its customers with all the tools they need to use to improve processes within the board. Simple as that, it is a basic yet powerful software.


This software supports all mobile devices making Brainloop board rooms accessible from any location at any moment. Also, the provider is really proud of the level of protection its customers have.


This software provides board members with all the tools they need to maintain all processes and business relationships using Boardeffect. Here they can not only keep a track of things but also interact with partners and create tasks to streamline the workflow.


It is a powerful tool for collaboration among board members. Users can even work with multiple mandates within one boardroom keeping all processes under control. Also, the software is compatible with Microsoft tools.


This is an Australian boardroom software that provides its customers with highly protected and simple access to all documents and materials. It allows improving the efficiency of the administrative workflow and is suitable for various businesses, corporations, non-profitable and government organizations.