Boardroom Providers


BoardMaps is one of the most well-known providers of virtual board portals. Its main advantage is a distinct pattern of actions directors can simply stick to and focus on current issues. This preset workflow consists of four stages: preparation for the meeting, decision-making process, generation of minutes, and monitoring of the progress. Each step is powered by all the required features. In BoardMaps, users can create agendas for meetings, vote on decisions, create and assign minutes, and monitor the performance of teams. Thus, the workflow is organized and streamlined.


iDeals is one of the youngest virtual board room vendors. Yet, it doesn’t mean that it lacks expertise. iDeals is trusted by companies of different sizes around the world. This provider offers a flexible yet straightforward solution that will aid your business in board management, communications improvement, and other processes that involve data. The virtual board room is highly customizable and can adjust to your specific needs. You can even integrate it with other tools you use in your company to create a complete and synchronized workflow.



Diligent is a full-cycle solution for the maintenance of the board of directors. It takes care of small details allowing executives to focus on what matters the most – the management of the company. Diligent will provide your business with all the tools it requires at the current moment. And the software will grow as your company evolves adjusting to the new needs. Thus, you will have a reliable, secure, and agile virtual board management portal that will support executives throughout the workflow improving the meetings and boosting results.


BrainLoop is a versatile platform that unites the board management software and the virtual data room in a single workspace. The board portal will improve the performance of the board by providing directors with tools for fruitful communication and data exchange. BrianLoop can be accessed from any device at any moment allowing to hold board meetings even if some members are away. The virtual data room built-in BrianLoop software simplifies due diligence, mergers and acquisitions, and other business processes. Thus, with one platform, you have two vital products.


Boardvantage is a versatile virtual boardroom suitable for nonprofit, public, and private organizations from any industry and of any size. This provider offers a sustainable and easy to use tool that helps directors from around the world to collaborate with each other and partners, and efficiently manage the company. Companies can use Boardvantage to maintain effective communication between directors, store corporate files safely, collaborate with third-parties when needed, reduce time spent on meetings, and ensure that all plans are being executed in a timely manner. 


BoardEffect is a board management software provider that focuses on the series of independent cycles teams of directors operate within. Such an unusual approach allows BoardEffect to fetch businesses all the tools they need at the current moment. The software covers the meeting cycle that involves board book, scheduling of events, and decision-making process. Also, BoardEffect simplifies the annual cycle that consists of budget and audit, evaluations, and compliances. And finally, the portal covers the development cycle that involves reports, collaboration, recruitment, and board orientation.


Loomion is one of the leading board management software vendors. This virtual board portal offers all the basic tools every team of leaders needs. Here you will have electronic storage for your corporate documents and various collaboration tools. With Loomion, it is easy to schedule meetings and share the required data for others to get ready for a discussion. To improve communication, directors can highlight certain paragraphs in documents and leave annotations on them. Also, in Loomion, executives can hold votes and surveys to make data-driven decisions.


Boardtrac is the board management tool that allows to hold productive meetings and significantly help of the board of directors to communicate fruitfully. Using this software, members of the leading team can exchange documents, create board packs, and share them to let everyone prepare for the meeting. Directors can access Boardtrac from any device at any moment, even if they are not connected to the Internet. If the gadget that had access to the virtual boardroom gets lost or stolen, all the cached documents and notes can be remotely deleted.