Improving the board management process with just one product is a complex task. The necessity of being compliant with strict security standards makes this task even more challenging. Luckily, the board members from all over the globe don’t need to select different solutions just for solving a couple of problems anymore. The board governance software combines a lot of vital features and decreases security risks. Among the crucial features are the following:

  • Meeting management
  • Decisions control
  • Document management
  • Collaboration

Meeting management

Meeting management is one of the most important functionalities. Let’s review more specific tools.

Meetings center

The process of scheduling meetings can be easily automated to save time. The schedule board software also allows you to free your board from distractions, so all members can focus on strategic planning and governance. With this feature, you can send instant invitations, notifications, and reminders about the meeting. All meetings can be created in a few minutes and synchronized to the Google calendar in one click. 

Meeting scheduling is hassle-free thanks to the meeting calendar scheduler, as you can quickly create polls to check directors’ availability, suggest slots for meetings and monitor attendance responses. Board meeting software also allows you to share the agenda for upcoming meetings as well as you have archives with details of previous meetings, so all participants can quickly find the needed information at any time.

Members directory

Members directory gives users easy access to member contact information, bios, and committee memberships. It’s convenient, especially during meeting scheduling, as you have all the information you may need about board members in one place. You can also upload photos for better recognition of the meeting participants and better future interaction. 

Agenda creation

With an agenda maker, you can easily create an agenda for a meeting and share it with everyone before meeting to keep all participants on the same page. Agenda builder helps you create an agenda from scratch, import an existing one, or use templates to save time. You can also save agendas and use them as new templates to streamline the planning process for future meetings. 

The software allows you to securely share your agenda as interactive PDFs with meeting attendees. They can be delivered via email and agenda landing pages with added private annotation. Moreover, you can designate how much time is for each agenda item, so the meeting stays on track. You can also collaborate on agendas and meeting minutes and the changes will be updated instantly across all devices. 

Meeting minutes

In board portal software, you can record clear meeting minutes to capture important ideas, tasks, and decisions without the need to switch between multiple tools. Board portal software simplifies meeting minutes and automates the process. 

After the board meeting, the platform generates the meeting minutes and sends out the report to the board of directors. There is no need to use an email, as the minutes generator sends the reports directly from the application. 

Decisions control

The next important functionality that allows board members to improve the quality of meetings is decisions control.

Voting and processing results

Polling features in board management software streamline the decision-making process. The creation of ballots for virtual voting is quick and easy and goes with additional security permissions. There are also a variety of ballot options available, including checkboxes, radio buttons, paragraph areas, and others.

You can also arrange anonymous polls. The results of polls are accurate, and this data can be quickly collected by administrators and compiled automatically. The reporting features are adjustable and comprehensive, which helps admins view resolutions by count, member, and percentage. Also, the polls can be scheduled, so members are prepared and informed to vote. 

Task management 

You can easily measure your organization’s progress on the goal tracking board. Intuitive dashboards allow you to track the success of your organization’s board initiatives and set deadlines and milestones to keep members engaged and informed on the overall progress. 

With a goal progress tracker, you’re able to see what should be improved or which tasks should be added for better results. You can also send out task reminders to make sure they’re completed on time.

Board reporting features

Reporting features allow you to track attendance and create detailed voting reports. You can also quickly export all reports via spreadsheets, which is very convenient when you need information on previous meetings.

Document management

Board members work a lot with different documents, so document management is the next huge functionality that can’t be omitted.


E-signatures simplify the legal signing of the documents, as there is no need for traditional paper signatures. You can just upload the document, make a request for signature, and check the status of the document. 

E-signatures are secure, as files can be restricted from most users and only accessible for those who work with them. Also, documents can be viewed from any connected device. You can even enable authentication before e-signature for an additional layer of security. 

Document center 

In the document center, you have all the needed files in one place. You can easily find files, edit them or leave comments, and quickly share them with other users. You upload files in bulk, create a certain document structure and organize them by tags so that everything is easily accessible. 

There are customizable dashboards for your convenience as well. You can also add private or shared annotations, which are synced across all devices. In the portal’s library, you can access board policies and procedures, mission and vision statements, and other general reading material.

Offline mode

You can archive agendas and meeting notes, and then access them when needed. If you have the right permission, you will also be able to download important files and view them offline from your phone or laptop. 

Some board portals allow you to securely access current meeting agendas, board books, calendars, and library documents in the app on your phone or a browser, even if you’re offline. You can add annotations offline and as soon as you’re connected to the internet your annotations will be synced across all devices.

Communication features

The board portal software offers ​​advanced communication features, including direct or group messaging and real-time discussions. An easy-to-navigate interface allows you to easily locate members of the board, view their profiles, and contact information. 

You can have agenda, document, and personal discussions to be more engaged in the project and additionally discuss important details. These discussions can be monitored and flagged if it’s currently top priority.

News and announcements

In the news section, you can catch up on recent company news. A member welcome message can also be added with additional instructions in this section. On the dashboard, you can also view monthly newsletters, press releases, news prior to important meetings.

Video integration

Committee management software provides all the essential tools needed to have a board meeting by video conferencing. In this software, you can use integrated video conferencing with no need to use a separate video conferencing app. You can integrate your board management software with apps like Zoom, Google Meet, and more. 

Multiple boards single sign-on

Directors who serve on multiple boards are usually struggling with navigation between boards, as each time they need to sign up again. With a single sign-on feature, they can simply switch boards and separately view all notifications for each board.