To pick the provider that will suit your needs well, you should study particular features of the best board portals. With this board portal reviews, it will be easy for you to take a grasp of benefits every provider has and decide which is the best solutions for you.

BoardMaps is the board meeting management software that will streamline the workflow of the executive team and make meetings more efficient. This tool supplies boards of directors with everything they need to streamline communication and create fruitful plans.

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iDeals is one of the youngest virtual board room vendors. iDeals is trusted by companies of different sizes around the world. This provider offers a flexible yet straightforward solution that will aid your business in board management, communications improvement, and other processes that involve data.


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This award-winning provider doesn’t brag about unique features. It just provides its customers with all the tools they need to use to improve processes within the board. Simple as that, it is a basic yet powerful software.

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This software supports all mobile devices making Brainloop board rooms accessible from any location at any moment. Also, the provider is really proud of the level of protection its customers have.

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This software provides board members with all the tools they need to maintain all processes and business relationships using Boardeffect. Here they can not only keep a track of things but also interact with partners and create tasks to streamline the workflow.

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Boardvantage is a versatile virtual boardroom suitable for nonprofit, public, and private organizations from any industry and of any size. This provider offers a sustainable and easy-to-use tool that helps directors from around the world to collaborate with each other and partners, and efficiently manage the company.

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It is a powerful tool for collaboration among board members. Users can even work with multiple mandates within one boardroom keeping all processes under control. Also, the software is compatible with Microsoft tools.

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While other board room providers tend to focus on the efficiency of the technology, Boardtrac adds some extra goodness to it making the software look great. Thanks to the quality of the design the application is easy and pleasant to use.

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Business meetings are time-consuming and, let us be fair, often quite boring. Mostly it happens because board members that take part in the meeting need to study the documents.

We all are familiar with those awkward moments during business meetings when everyone is silent and all you can hear is the rustle of paper. That’s the sound of people studying documents. And this process takes a huge amount of time. Also, it is really annoying to just sit and wait for others to read the needed information. What if all participants of the meeting could study documents beforehand?

This is what the digital boardroom was created for. A board portal is a tool that allows managing every aspect of the interaction between directors within one company and of relationships between heads of different firms. This software helps prepare for the meeting and hold it efficiently without wasting any time. Regardless of the frequency of meetings, the board of directors portal helps with keeping things organized and builds a stable workflow.


Board portal software is useful not only for offline events. The whole world goes online. And businesses never lose a chance to use benefits internet gives them. Thus, lots of relationship between companies are held in virtual space. Especially, in Australia, since this country is physically rather distant from others. And it is much easier to hold a meeting online than to spend lots of time and money every now and then to just discuss things with partners. That’s why board portal software is rather popular in Australia.


The Top 10 Reasons to Use Board Software

This solution allows creating a custom board book that will fit the pattern of meeting your company has. Users of the digital boardroom cannot only upload needed documents there, schedule meetings and leave important notes. With this technology the busy life of the company’s board will be organized and accessible to all members of the board. Every detail – last minute additions, notes, and changes – will be seen by every director before the meeting. Therefore, there will be no need to waste time on recent updates during the event itself.

In the corporate meeting software, users can schedule dates for the future meeting while others can accept or decline them. This practice helps reduce the number of board members who could not make it to the event. You can pick the date and time that will be convenient for everyone and improve the attendance. Also, there usually is a voting board room management tool in the virtual board room. It allows making sure everyone is satisfied with things and conditions.

Board Portal Features

Another useful thing is the ability to create tasks for yourself or other members of the board. First of all, it allows keeping track of what things are done and what should be done in the future. Also, it helps in organizing a workflow and micromanage processes in the company. It is a powerful tool for remote partnership in particular. So Australian businesses can really benefit from implementing this technology into their workflows.

The storage of the board room is usually unlimited or close to the unlimited. So board members can keep there all the archives of every meeting that were held after the software was implemented in the company. Also, if you have any important offline information from previous meetings you can upload it to the repository as well.

Since the information that is uploaded to the online repository is usually rather sensitive, providers of digital boardrooms care a lot about the protection of their servers where all data is stored. But documents are protected not only on the server level. Users can improve the security as well by controlling the amount of access other board members have.

Usually, this software is adapted for mobile devices. This means users can access their virtual board rooms from any location and at any moment. The interface of such software is very intuitive and requires no training for new users. But if any issues or questions occur, the support team is always there for customers of board rooms.

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