About iDeals
  • Founded 2008
  • Website idealsvdr.com
  • Located New York
  • Markets North America, Europe, South America, Asia, Middle East, Oceania
Industries of Usage
  • Financial Organizations
  • Non-Profits
  • Healthcare
  • Commercial Organizations
  • Other
  • Ease Of Use 4.9
  • Value For Money 5.0
  • Functionality 5.0
  • Customer Service 4.5
  • Overall 4.9

iDeals Solutions: Board Communication

This provider helps to encourage a natural flow of the work of the board and simplify operational processes. The software keeps track of current issues and projects providing a protected and convenient environment for the exchange of documents and discussions. With iDeals board portal it is easy to create streamlined teamwork. Board members can make suggestions, leave notes and share ideas using this software. This allows boards to maintain real-time reports and actions keeping track of the process. Preserving the information about past decisions and meetings. Users of the iDeals Virtual Board Room have access to past cases. By studying them they can find solutions for current issues.

iDeals board portal provides its customers with an organized workflow that consists of four steps:

  • Preparation. Board members can organize existing problems creating a wholesome case. Then they can share ideas and materials with each other within the virtual board room.
  • Decision making. Users can schedule offline or online meetings, hold discussions and vote on ideas and decisions within the virtual boardroom.
  • Action. After making a decision board members can quickly create tasks and assign them to executives. This approach speeds up business processes significantly.
  • Monitoring. It is crucial to keep an eye on the process after all decisions and assignments were made. iDeals allows tracking the status of tasks and access information about past meetings.

This work cycle is what makes iDeals unique. The provider believes that results heavily rely on decisions. That’s why this software has a premade workflow implemented. It allows tracking every little bit of the activity of board members. Also, the software is compatible with any devices and operating systems of computers. Thanks to that, users can get instant notification and have access to the online board book at any moment from any location.