About Ansarada Board

Ansarada Board is an online board portal developed by Ansarada PTY Limited, a virtual data room and boardroom software developer based in Sydney, Australia. 

Over 10,000 companies use Ansarada corporate governance portal to hold board meetings, collect and share business materials, reach out to shareholders, and ensure regulatory compliance.

It’s a secure, all-in-one tool to work on board and committee documents that reduces administrative tasks and allows directors to focus on collaboration. 

What is the Ansarada Board best for?

Meeting management is a breeze when you do it in Ansarada. You can skip time-consuming manual work and mitigate risk of data abuse while preparing meeting minutes and making agendas. The Ansarada Board portal makes board management processes much simpler and more reliable.

Digital board meetings

Ansarada Board has several smart features to organize and hold meetings. Its interface guides a user through the following capabilities:

  • Event calendar. Add meetings, locations, dates, and attendees to the Ansarada event calendar. You can synchronize board meetings with the local calendar on your device. 
  • Agenda compiler. Create votes, resolutions, or reports as agenda items with attachments and attendees. Each item displays a name, type, timing, and page count.
  • Meeting minutes builder. Create or import meeting items, set time frames, and add meeting minutes against each item using an interactive template. You can send meeting minutes for review, receive feedback, and make edits through one interface.
  • Meeting binders (board packs). Collate agenda items, annotations, minutes, and supporting files into board packs. Once you create board packs, distribute them across your teams using a share button.

Document management

You can work with important information in one place, eliminating disconnected third-party apps and process silos using these document management features:

  • Drag-and-drop upload. Populate your board library with files and folders using a drag-and-drop upload feature. Uploaded files and folders will inherit the “New” status and should be published before general users can view them.
  • Interactive file library. Keep board materials organized in a custom file structure using drag-and-drop. You can also use a context menu to add, rename, delete, download, or publish files.
  • Document viewer. Open documents on the platform directly using a document viewer with an agenda sidebar, progress bar, and display options. You can toggle annotations, freehand notes, page numbering, and agenda next to the content.
  • Quick comparison. Select two documents to view them side by side. You can scroll two files independently and adjust the view size by dragging the middle divider.

Board collaboration

With Ansarada Board software, you can manage all your board meetings from start to finish in one seamless environment using the following features:

  • E-signatures. You can sign resolutions directly from agendas with a click of a button – no third-party logins or redirects are required. Draw signatures anywhere in the document.
  • Voting. Participate in an instant approval process by answering votes in agendas directly. All you need to do is cast your vote on an agenda item without leaving the boardroom.
  • Free-form electronic notes. Annotate documents using a built-in toolbar. Add free-form notes, highlight text, add shapes, draw arrows, etc. 

Board administration

Ansarada provides helpful features to manage your boardroom so you can easily invite users, create boards, and track activity:

  • Project management. Add company details, create boards and committees, and configure session timeouts. You can also customize notification settings on your devices.
  • Onboarding process. Add directors to the boardroom using email invitation links. You can add, delete, and edit user profiles in the respective dashboard.
  • Audit trail. Get a bird’s eye view of your board activity with a comprehensive audit trail. Generate audit logs on meetings, board packs, user activity, or specific actions.

Features Overview

  • SaaS
  • On-Premise
  • Desktop (Windows, MacOs)
  • Mobile (iOS)
  • Document management
  • Polls/Voting
  • Document templates
  • File sharing
  • Scheduling
  • Attendance management
  • Templated agenda items
  • Note taking
  • Documents approval
  • Meeting minutes
  • Access controls/Permissions
  • Permissions at the doc level
  • Approval process control
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Electronic signature
  • SSL security
  • Secure data storage
  • Activity dashboard
  • Task management
  • Free-form electronic notes
  • Communication management
  • No boardbook, but a collection of relevant documents

Ansarada Board use cases

Check how different companies use the Ansarada board collaboration and governance platform.

Nonprofit boards

Nonprofit organizations often rely on tight budgets while achieving their long-term goals. They often seek better project efficiency at a reasonable price.

It is where the Ansarada board management software comes into play. Nonprofit boards can organize meetings, work with documents, and make decisions on a single platform.

As a result, organizations can ensure better user engagement and drive efficiency while paying for one service instead of many.

Enterprise boards

A lack of board guidance and opinion consistency can disrupt enterprise boards, leading to an organizational dead end. Transferring board communications to an efficient environment like Ansarada Board is the simplest yet smartest solution.

Its approval and voting tools, agendas, and meeting minutes help board members agree on decisions and preserve business loyalty while representing shareholders’ interests.

Pros and cons

Ansarada board management software has a positive rating on most review platforms. However, it’s not without flaws. So let’s review its pros and cons according to verified Ansarada board reviews.


  1. Quick functions. Users appreciate Ansarada’s clean interface and one-click-away features.
  2. All-around device compatibility. Executives can view board materials and make decisions on popular mobile devices.
  3. Helpful customer support. Many users admire 24/7 customer support and a help center with comprehensive documentation. 
  4. Robust security options. Ansarada users rely on granular access permissions, watermarks, screen capture blocking, two-factor authentication, and other leading security features. 
  5. Fast onboarding. Customers get used to this portal fast due to learning tools, admin training resources, and one-on-one technical support. 


  1. Inflexible security options. Some users wish Ansarada featured different security settings for users in the same group.
  2. Performance issues in some browsers. Users face downloading errors while working in less popular browsers like Opera.
  3. Lack of remote meeting tools. Ansarada Board doesn’t provide a task management module or in-app chat to facilitate remote meetings.


How to start using Ansarada Board?

To start using a board by Ansarada, you need to contact a sales representative, arrange a free demo, and discuss your requirements.

How much does Ansarada Board cost?

Ansarada charges a subscription starting from $85 per user per month. Also, it offers a forever-free plan with no credit card required instead of a free trial. 

Is Ansarada board management software worth a try?

Ansarada is a reliable, well-known brand you can use to take board communications to the next level. Considering its robust board management features and top-notch security, Ansarada Board is worth a try.