About Boardable

Boardable is a board management software solution that makes mission-critical meetings run smoother and more efficiently.

The Boardable platform is consistently re-inventing the perception of board communications by conducting meetings virtually and helping organizations save time and money. This is especially relevant for nonprofit boards with tight budgets and limited resources.

Boardable has a powerful governance function to manage all important details and data. Also, Zoom integration and report compilation help prepare you and your board members for upcoming board meetings. Furthermore, you can schedule meetings and create a strict agenda to support overall team productivity.

Additionally, the Boardable board management software has a convenient, fully-customizable interface that allows you to highlight links, modify font or cursor size, and effectively execute your board obligations. These increase accountability and allow you to operate efficiently as all activity within the platform is visible and fully transparent.

What does Boardable do best?

Boardable software is useful for various industries, but it most suits organizations that focus on board management, engagement, productivity, and the impactfulness of their decision-making. 

Boardable helps to increase board engagement through live chat, voting tools, and other, more case-specific features. Boardable account owners’ productivity can be achieved thanks to roll calls, agenda preparation, and file organization.

Directors can also vote digitally, share agendas, co-author documents, and search and access needed materials with just a few clicks in the document center.

Board members can witness the portal’s impact on communications after each specific meeting session. Decisions, meeting minutes, and a plan of action can all be traced back to the board portal software for future proof and reference. 

Additionally, directors can analyze all data and make well-informed decisions. The Boardable platform is extremely user friendly and offers a well-protected environment for secure document storage.

Boardable use cases

There are a few Boardable solution use cases that are frequently mentioned in user reviews:

  • Nonprofits conduct many committee meetings, where directors need to actively engage and manage their business dealings transparently. That’s where a board portal can help.
  • The financial sector also conducts many meetings, so using a board management platform like Boardable can make file organization and clarity of future plans accessible to authorized personnel.
  • School boards already know the pros of using educational software services, so implementing a similar web portal designed for efficient meeting management is helpful and natural for operational efficiency. 

Those are just a few examples of where a board portal might be used. Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of the Boardable software solution highlighted by clients.

How to start using Boardable for board meetings

For many organizations, it’s important to be able to integrate a tool into business operations as quickly as possible. And with Boardable, you’re able to upload data with a few clicks and start working with ongoing tasks. In addition, a free mobile app option allows meeting preparation and communication on the go.

Based on customer feedback, users find it very convenient that Boardable is a web-based software that is compatible with various devices, including mobile phones and tablets. This provides more flexibility and has a positive impact on getting tasks done. Clients also agree that Boardable pricing is decent and the product is well worth the investment.

You can try out the software before actually buying it. The company offers a 14-day free trial of the Professional plan. The trial also provides access to its excellent support team — reach out 24/7. 

There are also many resources available in the Boardable Academy, including guides, tutorials, and a Q&A section in the Help Center.

You can also quickly schedule a personalized live demo with a Boardable Solutions Consultant, who will provide you with the plan that would be most suitable for your company.

Pros and cons of using board meeting software

Like any solution, Boardable has its fair share of pros and cons. Most clients strongly recommend Boardable because of these key aspects.


  • All board meeting needs can be fulfilled in one fantastic software solution.
  • All documents and processes are easily available in the board portal.
  • The company takes customer feedback very seriously and listens to the client’s suggestions.
  • A live demo is available upon request.
  • Training videos are available on YouTube.
  • The customer service team is responsive and easy to contact


  • No drag-and-drop functionality 
  • Lack of MS Office integration
  • Unintuitive design
  • Occasional expiration of call invitation links due to connectivity issues


Can you use Boardable Board management software on Android?

Yes, it provides its own native Android Boardable app for registered users.

What is Boardable?

Boardable is a modern board governance platform that helps board members and executive teams communicate and connect effectively and securely.

How does Boardable charge users?

Boardable provides one limited free option, two pre-set pricing plans with a pay-per-user monthly fee, and one customized pricing option for large corporations.