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Boardeffect Board Portal Software

Boardeffect helps to improve the effectiveness of your business. Over 2,000 companies around the world rely on this provider.

This software supports best practices of governance processes trying to improve every aspect of the board activity. It allows building work cycles to streamline the workflow and make the decision-making easier.

Since the work of the board is built around monthly meetings, this board management software focuses on creating a regular monthly cycle that is easy to maintain. With Boardeffects directors can establish a date and a time of the meeting that will be convenient for everyone, prepare for it and hold it efficiently focusing on the matter. Afterward, it is easy to manage the information about the meeting and perform further actions. So using Boardeffects directors can create and manage online board books, schedule meetings, approve or decline submissions, create and track tasks and manage archived information about past meetings and activities.

In this boardroom, directors can also create cycles for annual meetings. This kind of events is much more complicated than the monthly one due to the amount of information that has to be reviewed and the number of issues that need to be solved. Thus, the preparation for the annual meeting is more time-consuming and hard. Using Boardeffects board members can not only review all documents and submissions in advance but also refresh their memory going through records from the past year meeting. Also, the software allows holding surveys and votings to decide on important things before the event. For new board member, there are orientation tools that will help them to dive into the process.

One more kind of cycles is a board development cycle that lasts for 3-5 years on average. It includes long-term goals that can be rather hard to manage. With Boardeffect it is easy for directors to track the actions of each other and executives to ensure the sustainability and steadiness of the process.