About BoardPro

BoardPro is a corporate governance platform developed by BoardPro Limited, a boardroom software provider based in Auckland, New Zealand.

BoardPro portal for boards allows you to schedule meetings, compile agendas, report to shareholders, and more.

What is BoardPro best for?

Overall, companies and nonprofit organizations reduce up to 50% of the administrative work after switching to the BoardPro solution. It helps executives and secretaries improve the following tasks.

Meeting management

BoardPro board management software offers comprehensive tools to organize more structured and productive meetings:

  • Events calendar. Add board meetings and assign locations, time zones, remote meeting links, and attendees. Once you complete meeting details, you can send an email notice to attendees.
  • Interactive agenda builder. You can build meeting agendas from scratch, copy them from previous meetings or use BoardPro templates. Add, rearrange agenda sections and items, attach files, and assign board members.
  • Smart meeting minutes. Once you publish an agenda, you can take minutes against each of its items and add supporting documents in an interactive interface. Assign meeting minute types, like notes, actions, and votes, and edit them at any time.

File sharing

Board Pro allows you to store and access all board materials in one place at any time using these document management features:

  • Unlimited file storage. You can upload 32 popular file types to the boardroom. Add up to 10 documents at a time, 50 MB each. There is no storage limit.
  • Dynamic content structure. You can allocate files to reflect your workflows. Rearrange folders by dragging them across the content structure and search for files and directories using keywords.
  • Board pack builder. Once you publish agendas, BoardPro will automatically collate it into board packs. It will be automatically rebuilt if you make last-minute changes.

Board communications

Directors can transfer all board communications to a seamless environment using the following features:

  • Task management module. You can create tasks as action items, add assignees, and track task progress. Collaborators will receive action notices and reminders once you assign them.
  • Votes. You can create polls as agenda items and assign voters. Board members can cast votes (support, oppose, or abstain) and explain their choices in comments.
  • Flying minutes. Flying minutes reflect decisions between meetings. You can add discussions and votes to flying minutes.
  • Annotations. You can annotate documents using the BoardPro Notes feature. Its options include text, text highlight, freehand drawing, search, printing, and download.

Project management

Get control over your board processes and teams using these project management options:

  • People list. Add new members to BoardPro from the People List. Send email invitations, fill out board member profiles, and define access roles.
  • Organization settings. Add new boards and invite people. Configure email notifications, set your company logo, toggle downloading and printing, and more.
  • Quorum and participation. Define the attendee threshold at which your meeting becomes actionable and legal. Let BoardPro automatically calculate vote outcomes based on your quorum.
  • Interest register. Record conflicts and interests of involved parties. Access the list of interests and download them in PDF.
  • Decisions register. Add approved meeting decisions to the list. You can access detailed decision records from the respective tab. 
  • Role-based permissions. Assign six roles to board members, from administrator to general user. Each role has a set of predefined action permissions, such as editing, deleting, or downloading.

Features Overview

  • Cloud-based
  • Document management
  • Voting
  • Flying minutes
  • Interest register
  • Decision register
  • Board Pack annotations
  • Meeting schedule
  • Governance Repository
  • Access controls/Permissions
  • Compliance management
  • Approval process control
  • Role-Based Permissions
  • Electronic signature
  • SSL security
  • Secure data storage
  • Activity dashboard
  • Task management
  • Communication management

BoardPro use cases

BoardPro targets over 2,000 small and mid-sized businesses and nonprofit organizations in New Zealand, Australia, and 24 more countries. Let’s see how companies use this software based on case studies and verified BoardPro reviews.

Small and mid-sized businesses

Small boards often have as many duties as big ones, doing twice as much work distributed among fewer members. 

Before switching to BoardPro management software, many executives worked their fingers to the bone to collate board papers and prepare for the next meeting. 

With BoardPro, your colleagues are all on the same page working in one central hub with powerful workflow automation tools.

Therefore, board members and administrators can reduce voluminous tasks that would take days to complete outside the board collaboration and governance platform.

Nonprofit organizations

BoardPro allows executives to cut all admin tasks in half and channel more resources into decisions that add value. 

Organizations can automate board packs, set an approval process, and reduce commutes while holding remote meetings.

As a result, this online board portal becomes a huge time saver for nonprofits and helps them channel more resources into charity, volunteering, and other activities.

Pros and cons

The BoardPro app has an excellent rating on review platforms. It has received 4.85 stars (average) based on 1,100+ reviews from Getapp, Capterra, G2, and SoftwareAdvice. Let’s summarize BoardPro’s pros and cons based on verified user feedback.


  • Consistent board meetings. BoardPro users can hold professional meetings, improving their efficiency over time due to rich minute-taking and collaboration tools.
  • Intuitive design. Clever, intuitive design helps users focus on tasks and achieve goals several times faster on any device.
  • Learning tools. BoardPro users receive quality training and maximize their potential due to governance webinars, report templates, and technical documentation. 
  • Central data storage. Customers like keeping all board materials organized in one central collaborative hub.
  • Helpful customer service. BoardPro users appreciate two hours of training resources and a friendly customer support team that replies in less than five minutes.


  • No audit trail. It would be nice if BoardPro featured detailed user activity reports.
  • Narrow security controls. Some users wish they could select individual permissions for members alongside predefined roles. Also, BoardPro is one of the few products that doesn’t feature two-factor authentication.
  • Limited meeting evaluation tools. BoardPro users find it frustrating that they can’t create surveys and sign documents directly in the app.


How to start using BoardPro software?

To start using BoardPro, you need to schedule a free demo and subscribe to one of its pricing plans. To do so, complete a contact form on the company website. You can also sign up for a 30-day free trial.

What are BoardPro pricing options?

BoardPro charges a flat annual rate, starting from $1,500 per board. All plans include unlimited users so you will not experience price hikes after extending your team.

Is BoardPro a good solution?

BoardPro is a suitable option for small and mid-sized boards due to its budget-friendly pricing policy. However, larger organizations may need more features than this software provides.