About Boardtrac

Boardtrac is Australian-owned board software developed by MinterEllison and Safetrac Group in 2012.

Designed by legal experts and governance professionals, it helps vendors and organizations centralize decision-making in one place. 

This secure board portal allows you to host board meetings, share files, and vote. Beyond that, the boardroom offers rich app functionality to optimize corporate governance in-house and on the go.

What is Boardtrac best for?

Boardtrac is the best solution to save time and money on meetings and other day-to-day business routines. Boardtrac follows the best practice governance standards, improving critical business processes.

Meeting management

As per Capterra reviews, case studies, and software documentation, Baordtrac is a perfect meeting management tool with the following features:

  • Agenda builder. Create and share interactive meeting agendas with attachments, notes, and attendees to keep everyone on the same page. You can save them as templates for the next meetings.
  • Meeting schedule. Create board meetings and assign attendees. You can check the upcoming meetings in the event calendar.
  • Task management. You can assign tasks to attendees and track their progress during and after meetings. Board members can receive task notifications and manage assignments from a dedicated dashboard.
  • Digital meeting minutes. Let your secretaries write and edit meeting minutes in convenient templates. Fill in the gaps, take notes, set timestamps and other details for critical meeting events, and more.

Document management functionality

Legal governance experts can manage documents on the board portal thanks to these functionalities:

  • Document library. Upload, share, and download documents in bulk. You can store and open PDFs, Microsoft Office, images, audio, and video files in the digital boardroom.
  • Board packs. Compile board packs from multiple documents with a click of a button. You can distribute them to selected users upon creation.
  • Document editing tools. Make notes, highlight important content, and update business files on the platform. Dictate suggestions using voice recognition and send annotated documents to other board members.

Secure collaboration

You can rest assured that business-critical files go to the right hands with Boardtrac’s industry-leading security technology that meets even the most specific requirements:

  • Secure login. Receive personalized login invitations and credentials from the Boardtrac server. You can also use a PIN code to access the platform on your mobile device.
  • Granular access controls. You can create customizable content access permissions for individual users and board committees based on their roles and duties. Decide whether users can view, edit, download, upload, print, vote, etc.
  • Remote wipe. Admins can remove documents from lost, stolen, or unwanted devices remotely. The system has the ability to trigger the data purge upon three unsuccessful PIN attempts.

Board management tools

Legal governance experts can manage the boardroom and inspect its performance using these features:

  • Committee management. Create committees, add members, and assign roles (administrators and users). See how many members, documents, resolutions, and meetings your committees have. 
  • Voting tools. Directors can vote on documents and circular resolutions. You can also create anonymous polls if necessary.
  • Activity reports. Administrators can receive activity updates on their boards via the portal. Get notified about upcoming board meetings, polls, document changes, and more.

Features Overview

  • Cloud
  • Mobile
  • Document management
  • Document templates
  • Critical alerts
  • Polls/Voting
  • Access controls/Permissions
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Electronic signature
  • Collaborations tools
  • Live chat

Use cases by industries

The Boardtrac solution ensures the best practice governance for experienced directors in many organizations across several industries.

Non-profit organizations

Many non-profit boards address Boardtrac as a cost-effective corporate governance technology.

This paperless board portal helps non-profit directors to focus on running projects rather than printing, binding, and shipping board packs. 

Given that, organizations save $40,000 on average by switching to digital document sharing, even though they scale up to 15-16 board members. 


As per official Boardtrac testimonials, healthcare institutions use this secure board portal to manage documentation and develop policies. It also works well during a presentation or a conference.

Extensive software functionality and affordable prices are what healthcare organizations appreciate the most about this solution today. 


Governance professionals from private education businesses also overcome real-life boardroom challenges using Boardtrac. It’s the best solution for small EdTech companies that operate remotely and outsource tutors.

Paperless document sharing, voting, and remote meetings — that’s what online education businesses use Boardtrac for. 

How to start using Boardtrac?

To start using the Boardtrac software, you need to go to the company website, proceed to Pricing, and choose between the subscription plans. 

You can also request a video demonstration of Boardtrac features to decide whether this technology satisfies your requirements. As for onboarding, the service will provide you with live support options for the most enjoyable use:

  • Personalized admin assistance
  • Unlimited live user training
  • Real-time support on the first meeting
  • Webinars for experienced directors

Board admins point out a helpful onboarding team that ensures their boardrooms function efficiently from the beginning.

Pros and cons

Here is the list of Boardtrac pros and cons based on customer feedback.


Boardtrac customers admit the software meets their requirements as a board portal, mentioning its advantages over similar services:

  • Superior user experience. The platform adds efficiency to workflows thanks to rich functionalities. Customers love a recently re-designed dashboard featuring a modern interface that combines clear navigation menus and white spaces.
  • Cost-effective solution. Many boards opt for this solution due to its affordable price range.
  • Reliable data security technology. Users enjoy round-the-clock uptime and superior data security due to 256-bit encryption, 2048-bit SSL encryption, and DDoS protection. 
  • Personalized consultation. Board members mention excellent customer service and helpful pre-order consultations.


The platform is not without flaws, and the most frequently mentioned inconveniences include:

  • Lack of online collaboration features. This platform may appear inconvenient for some boards as it doesn’t offer e-signature and video conferencing tools. 
  • Live support is unavailable 24/7. Although Boardtrac operates worldwide, its sales department works during Victorian hours only.
  • Limited app integration. Some customers use a few more apps besides the boardroom. 
  • Limited support of operating systems. The company doesn’t feature a dedicated Android app.


Can you annotate documents on mobile and web on Boardtrac?

Yes, users can make public or private annotations on documents through Boardtrac’s iOS app or through the web platform.

Does Boardtrac software have support 24/7?

The Boardtrac board portal offers phone and email support during business hours in the Australian time zones. 24/7 support is not currently available.