Boardtrac Overview

Boardtrac is a secure online platform for board and committee members. Here users can safely exchange confidential data, conduct board meetings, and get quality tech support at every step.

Boardtrac works as a web-based application. What’s especially unique about it is that Boardtrac provides each user with a separate dashboard. Also, the program notifies users about all updates and changes instantly so that directors do not need to call or text each other.

Even though the platform is quite intuitive, it offers detailed usage instructions, an individual course, or even live training. This way, Boardtrac does everything possible to enhance board collaboration and let users make the most of its software.

Features Overview

  • Cloud
  • Mobile
  • Document management
  • Document templates
  • Critical alerts
  • Polls/Voting
  • Access controls/Permissions
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Electronic signature
  • Collaborations tools
  • Live chat

What does Boardtrac do best?

As mentioned, the Boardtrac board portal increases meeting productivity. Here are the features that make it possible:

  • Role-based permissions. Thanks to advanced permissions, boardroom administrators can control access to data based on the role of a particular participant. This way, Boardtrac guarantees data integrity while making sure that information is available only to selected users.
  • Voting and polls. This option allows poll makers to put a question to a vote, and then others choose the option they prefer. Thanks to this functionality, teams can make informed decisions — and there’s no need for everyone to meet.
  • Meeting minutes management. Thanks to this tool, it is possible to create, configure, and distribute the minutes and record information before and during negotiations. This makes the participation of everyone involved much easier and more productive.

Boardtrac use cases by industries

The above features make Boardtrac well-suited for industries looking for effective data management and collaboration.

In fact, non-profit organizations have many people to gather opinions from. It makes the Boardtrac voting tool essential for their collaborative decision-making.

Financial institutions take advantage of Boardtrac’s communication features. Thanks to them, directors can create notes and immediately share new ideas with colleagues.

Medical institutions enjoy a secure environment guaranteed by Boardtrac for the safe storing of documents and permission-based access to them.

Pros and cons

The following user testimonials listing pros and cons are valuable information for potential customers. They give an understanding of how the solution works and what users like or dislike.


  • Intuitive interface. Namely, the participants have structured data that is easy to manage. In addition, anyone can share documents during the presentation.
  • Data protection. Dedicated mechanisms encrypt notes and documents that are on the portal. Thus, the content is beyond the reach of hackers or third parties.


  • Lack of some features. Users would like more tools for collaboration and interaction during meetings.
  • Few reviews about the provider. Although the software is not new to the market, there are few customer reviews on the net.