Boardtrac Board Portal Software

While other board room providers tend to focus on the efficiency of the technology, Boardtrac adds some extra goodness to it making the software look great. Thanks to the quality of the design the application is easy and pleasant to use.

Every user is provided with their very own Dashboard where all connections within the board are shown. This feature simplifies the managing process, especially if the user works with several companies. On the Dashboard, all information is organized and easy to understand. Upon the activities of other board members, the data on the Dashboard changes accordingly keeping the user updated.

Updates in the Boardtrac platform are realized as instant notifications that won’t let the user skip the meeting, content edits, new document uploads, votes, and submissions. Board members can be sure all other directors know about the actions of others and track processes. Users can also accept or decline meetings and submissions using the application and take part in votes.

The Boardtrac virtual board room allows downloading the uploaded content, meeting details (such as maps) and print them if needed. Also, board members can highlight important content in the document to focus the attention of the team on it, create bookmarks and private notes. Administrators of the board room can control the amount of access others have, track their activity and change permissions. It gives some extra security to the uploaded information. Of course, Boardtrac highly protects its servers and ensures that the user data is perfectly safe.

Using this application, companies can make board meetings more productive. The information that is stored on secured servers can be shared so directors can review it in advance. And there will be no time waste during the meeting since all participants are prepared for a productive discussion.