About Nasdaq Boardvantage

Nasdaq Boardvantage is a meeting management and board portal software that enables board members to facilitate meeting management and decision-making processes.

Using Boardvantage, boards can prepare for meetings with a user-friendly and secure interface that makes sharing documents and accessing them quite simple, even for virtual meetings. In addition, thanks to its robust end-to-end encryption technology, rest assured that your company’s confidential data is only accessible to the intended board members.

Nasdaq Boardvantage is used by more than 50% of Fortune 100 companies, and its 24/7, all-year-round award-winning support is exceptional.

The provider offers two helpful solutions: 

  • Boardvantage Director. Boardvantage Director is a board portal that automates the entire workflow and processes of sharing meeting documents and assigning tasks. It also supports voting and signing agreements.

Boardvantage MeetX. It is a more refined solution for organizing and sharing business documents. It emphasizes making information accessible to executives with its highly intuitive graphical user interface.

What is Boardvantage best for?

The Nasdaq Boardvantage board management software incorporates various features that streamline meeting management, make collaboration easier, and maximize security. Here’s a full breakdown.

Powerful board portal

Boardvantage’s ease of use is largely thanks to its top-bottom board portal that enables you to customize card content, access important documents, adjust permissions, keep board materials organized, and view future and past meetings.

Moreover, you can schedule the meeting agenda, specify the meeting topics and key points, and automatically send alerts to all involved people before and after the meeting.

Convenient collaboration

Nasdaq Boardvantage’s corporate governance and document management features make it easy to collaborate with colleagues and external stakeholders by sharing documents and resources in a secure environment. It also lets you assign tasks for accountability.

High level of security

The Boardvantage app utilizes advanced encryption technologies that ensure your documents are protected. This allows you to share high-level files without worrying about data breaches.

The software also incorporated multi-factor authentication that adds an extra layer of protection for all members.

Remote meetings

Board Vantage meeting management software can be just as efficient for virtual meetings as in-person meetings. It seamlessly integrates with Zoom and Microsoft Teams, which enhances collaboration remotely. Sharing the meeting materials is quite efficient as well.

Additionally, Boardvantage lets you create and share meeting links conveniently.

Approvals and signatures

With Nasdaq Boardvantage, you don’t even need a board book since you can make the approval process for lots of documents easily. Making approvals and voting takes a single button click. You can also create and share surveys, as well as assign and track signatures.

Ease of use

Boardvantage is super easy to use. It may take a while before all users get accustomed to it, but once the initial learning curve is surpassed, the platform will help your colleagues with optimizing their meetings’ productivity.

Fantastic customer support

Boardvantage is delivering fantastic customer support, available round the clock to handle your questions and problems. They’re professional and quick, so you should expect to get your problem solved within a few minutes of reaching out for support.

Support is available in various languages, including English, German, and Simplified Chinese.

Use cases by industries

The Boardvantage software is utilized by a wide range of organizations of all sizes in various industries, including nonprofit, private, and public organizations. It’s also a good choice if you run an information security or public safety company, a healthcare company, or an insurance company.

The pricing details for Boardvantage aren’t publicly available unless you contact the sales team. However, based on the feedback of its clients, Nasdaq Boardvantage offers fair pricing since users only have to pay for the features they need.

How to start using Boardvantage

To start using Boardvantage, you can request a free demo on the provider’s website. It allows you to have hands-on experience with the software before purchasing it.

If you try the demo and decide that the software is suitable for your company, you’ll need to provide training for your colleagues on how to use it. The best way is to contact Boardvantage support to get a quick walkthrough of the software. You can also check the software’s documentation and Boardvantage user guide. The provider also works on developing learning tools, and hosts live webinars regarding new features and use cases.

Nasdaq Boardvantage pricing is quote-based, so you must contact the sales team on the provider’s website to get custom pricing.

Pros and cons

Based on the Nasdaq Boardvantage reviews, the solution has its fair share of advantages and disadvantages.


  • This board software makes collaborating with external stakeholders and strategic decision-making much easier.
  • Boardvantage’s granular access controls ensure that each individual only has the necessary access level.
  • The customer support team is professional, responsive, and delivers a satisfactory experience.
  • Board portal’s decent design keeps board materials neatly organized and accessible for all board members regardless of their location.
  • Boardvantage login is well-secured, while the level of data protection for all resources on the platform is consistently high as well.


  • It doesn’t support adding attachments to emails not uploaded in Boardvantage.
  • The meeting module lacks integration with the outlook calendar.
  • It can be a bit complex at first, so adequate training is required.
  • The user login experience could be simpler.


When did Nasdaq acquire Boardvantage?

Nasdaq acquired Boardvantage on April 3, 2016, for $200 million.

How to upload data into Boardvantage Portal securely?

Board members can easily upload documents to their Boardvantage portal with a drag-and-drop function. Files stored on the platform data center are encrypted with 256-bit encryption and cannot be accessed by third parties. 

What is Boardvantage?

Boardvantage is a board meeting and corporate governance platform that helps board directors, secretaries, and executives to communicate, share and store sensitive documents, and streamline work processes with confidence and security.