About Nasdaq Boardvantage

Nasdaq Boardvantage is a board portal designed to streamline board meetings and interactions between board members. It’s used by board directors, executive-level managers, and governance professionals such as corporate secretaries.

Boardvantage helps organize meetings by allowing corporate secretaries to securely share agendas and documents with all participants, and by making it easy for board members to review documents and prepare for the meetings. 

Secretaries and board members can also use Boardvantage to manage documents and processes after the meetings — for instance, to organize meeting minutes, assign follow-up tasks and keep track of their progress.

What is Boardvantage best for?

  • file-sharing and meeting preparation tools: a corporate secretary can upload documents and share them with all participants of a meeting, which makes it easy to ensure everyone has the information they need.
  • document management features: if there are last-minute changes to the documents, the secretary can update them directly on Board vantage, so that there’s no need to distribute new printed copies before the meeting starts.
  • mobile access and content management tools: users can access documents offline as well as online. They can also annotate and share documents directly on the portal, which makes it easier to prepare for the meeting and keep track of what happened during it.
  • electronic signature and polls/voting features: if board members need to sign documents or vote on proposals during or after a meeting, they can do it directly on Nasdaq Boardvantage instead of passing documents around for a large number of people to check and sign.

Use cases by industries

Different organizations use Boardvantage for different purposes, each one taking advantage of the features that best suit its needs. Boardvantage is used by companies across industries such as:

  • Asset management
  • Higher education
  • Hospitals and healthcare
  • Insurance
  • Law firms
  • Sports and entertainment

For instance, a research organization uses Boardvantage to integrate teams located in different sites, by making information easily accessible and shareable among them. A financial company uses the software to securely house all documents relevant to the Board of Directors.

Governmental and public safety organizations use Boardvantage to collaborate with external stakeholders in a secure environment, and organizations in the non-profit sector use it to publish board books and create collaborative survey modules.

Pros and cons of Nasdaq Boardvantage


  • security: user authentication and different access permissions ensure that confidential information is protected
  • user-friendliness: navigating the portal is intuitive and requires little training
  • good customer support: an efficient support team is available 24/7 for clients anywhere in the world
  • bulk upload feature: uploading and sharing a large number of documents is easy
  • auto-sync feature: amending, commenting or replacing documents is quickly done


  • there’s no video or audio conference feature
  • it’s not possible to sync Boardvantage with other software such as Zoom, Webex, Gmail or Outlook Calendar
  • the login process takes time
  • there’s no feature to customize reports
  • it’s difficult to switch between different accounts if the user is on different boards