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About Boardvantage 

Boardvantage is a versatile virtual boardroom suitable for nonprofit, public, and private organizations from any industry and of any size. This provider offers a sustainable and easy to use tool that helps directors from around the world to collaborate with each other and partners, and efficiently manage the company.

This vendor deserved the trust of around 4000 organizations from 80 countries, including over 50% of the Fortune 100 companies. Moreover, Boardvantage has all the required certificates to serve the healthcare industry. So if your firm operates in this field, you should consider this vendor as a fitting solution.


Boardvantage board meeting software

Companies can use Boardvantage to maintain effective communication between directors, store corporate files safely, collaborate with third-parties when needed, reduce time spent on meetings, and ensure that all plans are being executed in a timely manner. 

This provider offers all the features needed for these purposes:

  • Impeccable security. The repository and data transfer ways are protected with reliable encryption
  • Multi-factor authentication. You can add more layers to the Boardvantage login process to protect your workspace
  • Manage the calendar. Schedule meetings to make sure everyone can attend
  • Create a digital agenda. This feature will reduce the time directors need to spend on meetings
  • Attend meetings virtually. Boardvantage offers visual virtual presence for remote directors
  • Control the permissions. You can control who can access the boardroom and work with files
  • Sign documents. Boardvantage supports electronic signature to simplify the document approval
  • Manage minutes. With this virtual board room, it will be easy to have full control over minutes.
  • Create votings. The software offers a polls/voting tool you can use to make minor decisions
  • Collaborate. Discussion threads and version control of documents improves teamwork
  • Shred the data. If your device is lost or stolen, you can remotely purge Boardvantage from it
  • Create team spaces. Divide board members into groups for more efficient collaboration.
  • Exchange messages. Directors can send each other confidential messages in Boardvantage


Main advantages of Boardvantage software

As we’ve already mentioned, Boardvantage is suitable for different companies from various industries. However, versatility is not the only advantage of this virtual boardroom provider. We’ve gathered all the benefits you will get if you choose this vendor.

  • Ease of use. The interface is very simple, and all the features are neatly organized for you to quickly find the needed one
  • The support team is always available. Specialists usually reply quite fast and provide you with all the information and help you need
  • Reliable protection. The provider uses bank-grade encryption to keep clients’ files safe. But also, there is multi-factor authentication, and you have full control over who can access your virtual boardroom. Therefore, you’re always safe
  • Offline access. Even if there is no internet connection, you’re still able to view and work with the documents. The changes will be synchronized as soon as you’ll gain the internet connection
  • Customization. Boardvantage is one of the few providers that allow companies to customize their virtual boardrooms with corporate colors and logos
  • High compatibility. This software is compatible with all devices and platforms making it easy to work with files on the go
  • Different deployment options. Choose between cloud, SaaS, or web deployments for desktop devices. Mobile users also get a dedicated app
  • A free trial. Use it to see if you like the software