Product Review

Brainloop offers a platform that can solve a lot of challenges the top management team faces every day. The software protects the sensitive information and provides users with instruments that allow improving the performance of the board. The portal can be accessed from any device, location and at any needed moment. There even is no need to have an internet connection to manage the information in the virtual board room. Also, the software is compatible with MS Office. It eliminates the need to train board members before implementing this technology in their workflow. Brainloop automatically fulfills all policies regarding data protection and compliance.

This provider has created different applications for different needs within one platform. BoardRoom is the main tool that helps in holding meetings and establish a good communication between directors. Here users can store and share documents securely, communicate with each other and keep a track of the progress. Using this application board members can plan meetings in advance and choose the date and time that will be convenient for everyone. Thus, the attendance can be improved significantly. And since the BoardRoom can be accessed from any device and location, it is easy for users to stay updated on changes.

On the same platform, Brainloop has implemented the DealRoom where users can hold deals and processes like Mergers and Acquisitions and due diligence. Another tool is called CollaborationRoom. From its name, it is easy to figure out its purpose. Using this application, directors can improve communications within the board of the company and between partners. Every discussion within CollaborationRoom is confidential and secure. Members can share documents easily here and submit their ideas and resolutions. The last tool is MyRoom, where users can store, review and edit their documents. This application is pretty much a cloud storage but it is highly protected.

Features Overview

  • Cloud
  • Mobile
  • Calendar management
  • Document management
  • Document templates
  • Critical alerts
  • Polls/Voting
  • Access controls/Permissions
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Electronic signature
  • Collaborations tools
  • Live chat