Diligent board portal


Diligent. Board Management Software

This software gives users access to the board portal from any smartphone, tablet, computer, or even offline. Using Diligent boards companies can improve their governance by managing their sensitive information safely and easily. They can collaborate with other members of the board and partners from any location and at any needed time by discussing details, creating votes and taking part in them and make resolutions. All customer data Diligent stores on highly protected data centers that are located in the region of the user. It makes the paperwork not only simple and safe but also rather quick. Since servers are located near the customer, the speed or the file transfer is as high as possible.

Using Diligent services directors can stay informed about the progress of the work even in the busiest moments. Real-time updates help to make immediate changes to documents or decisions and inform other members of the board instantly. The flexibility of the software ensures simple and fast access to the board room. It creates a seamless collaboration process between directors. Using this portal they can hold votings, complete questionnaires, leave notes and sign resolutions even if they don’t have access to the Internet.

With the Diligent board meeting software, users can create board books within minutes. Using a simple Drag and Drop feature they can upload documents quickly and form a more organized and efficient board book than offline. Also, within this portal directors can create separate virtual rooms for committees to collaborate before and after the meeting. These rooms also can be used for secure discussion within a smaller group of board members.

If users face any kind of issue using the Diligent portal, they can get immediate help. The provider is a customer support team that is accessible 24/7 and is always ready to guide the user through the process.