Loomion board software


Loomion- Virtual Board Room

Knowing how important it is for directors to have an opportunity to access the online board room instantly, Loomion has adapted its software for all devices, computers, and browsers. Users can access the portal at any moment from any location using any devices. With the help of this technology, directors can establish productive communication with executives in almost no time and with no efforts.

Once a company implements Loomion board portal in its board workflow, directors can upload all documents to the highly protected servers of this provider. Once all the files are online, they can be shared and reviewed. Members of the board can underline important content, contribute any necessary comments and even create their own handwritten notes. And since the software supports all devices and operating systems, other users will see changes immediately. It creates a steady workflow and allows collaborating remotely. The portal can be accessed from offline as well. It allows working with board information while travelling, for example.

Loomion provides its customers with a useful vote tool that allows holding surveys and votings within the virtual board room. This approach helps to solve any minor issues and prepare ideas and submissions for the meeting to make it more effective. Also, using this software, directors can sign documents digitally. It eliminates the need to print files and reduces the time waste.

All activity of board members is recorded and stored. So it is easy to track the actions of the team and stay informed about processed and actions performed by other directors. The software is compatible with Microsoft instruments, so it is easy to synchronize data. Overall, Loomion is easy to use and has a simple intuitive interface. There is no need for any prior training. But if you face any difficulties using this software, Loomion support team is ready to help you 24/7.