About Process PA

The Process PA software is a governance portal designed to help boards and management committees organize and streamline their workflows. Process PA features include agenda templates, automatic minutes, members’ register, and document storage. 

Process PA is a cloud-based software solution, which means secretaries and board members don’t have to download and install anything on their devices — they can simply access the board portal through a web browser.

What is Process PA best for?

This board portal contributes to effective board governance by simplifying tasks and ensuring committee processes are hassle-free. Read on to discover some of the ways Process PA will help you reduce administration time while keeping your organization board running smoothly.

Keep track of board members

With the Process PA board portal, you have a members’ register that will allow you to keep track of who’s on your board, what their contact details are, and what roles they have within the board. 

Process PA automates association procedures for simple handover continuity. This means that when there are any changes to the board, adding and saving committee members — and entering their term durations and roles — is intuitive and quick.

Manage meetings 

Process PA’s meeting management features include an agenda builder that will allow you to add, order, reorder and delete agenda items with only a few clicks. 

Once the agenda is ready, you can share it with your board members. If you need to make any last-minute changes to the agenda, no problem — board members will receive automatic notifications.

Store documents securely

Any board is bound to generate quite a few documents, and — though there are probably days when you wish you could throw them all away — you are required to keep many of them. But storing documents is not a problem with Process PA. 

This board portal offers secure document storage, so all you need to do is digitize your documents, upload the files onto the portal, and enjoy working with less paper around.

Process PA use cases

This board portal is used mainly by small and midsize organization boards in Australia and New Zealand. Most organizations using Process PA fall into one of the categories below.

Sports clubs

Sports clubs in Australia use Process PA for:

  • Retaining control of all board documents
  • Ensuring an easy handover process at each change of committee
  • Being able to edit, sign, download, and store minutes securely
  • Having records of minutes and action items readily available
  • Increasing board members’ accountability for the tasks assigned to them


Schools and higher education institutions use Process PA for: 

  • Collecting all required documentation in one place in little time
  • Quickly finding documentation needed for school audits
  • Keeping minutes and records of meetings
  • Fulfilling role and compliance requirements for P&C meetings

Hospitals and clinics

Hospitals and clinics benefit from using Process PA because it allows them to:

  • Centralize board documentation
  • Easily access and manage all board meeting documents
  • Plan and set up meetings 
  • Track attendees and task completion


A significant number of Process PA users are Australian not for profits. And it’s no wonder, given that this provider offers nonprofits a special 20% discount — and helps them to:

  • Significantly reduce the time spent on administration and organizing good governance
  • Maintain compliance with relevant legislation with a minimum of effort
  • Keep records together with the relevant meetings or decisions for easy reference
  • Allocate and track actions
  • Easily prepare and distribute agendas, minutes, and supporting documents for committee management

How to start using Process PA

Companies interested in using Process PA can sign up for a 30-day free trial of this board portal. They can also book a free concierge service — the Process PA support team will set up the client’s board portal, entering members, minutes, and set agenda templates. According to customer reviews, the free concierge service is high-quality and very helpful.

Pros and cons of Process PA

Like any software out there, Process PA does create an enjoyable governance experience for many users, while others are less than satisfied. Here are some of the pros and cons that come up most often in users’ reviews of this board portal.


  • Most Process PA users say the customer support is great.
  • Many reviewers find this board portal is an intuitive software solution.
  • Customers also say this governance portal is easy to set up.
  • Among others, Process PA users are happy about the action and motion tracking features.


  • Several users report delays and freezes in some functions.
  • Some customers experience system glitches when creating a meeting or switching between documents.
  • A few Process PA customers find the template setup clunky.
  • Some users mention it’s not possible to group contacts.
  • Users also wish it were possible to drop the documents directly into the agenda.


What calendars does Process PA integrate with?

Process PA allows users to schedule meetings and set reminders with its native calendar feature. There are no integrations with Google Calendar or the Apple iCloud Calendar.

How can you customize the Process PA board portal?

The Process PA user interface can be customized with a variety of themes, personalized branding, and logos. On the client side, platform admins can add or remove certain controls and options.