About Process PA

Process PA is a growing online board management platform that helps users automate processes such as setting up meetings and taking minutes, allowing for better and more effective board governance.

Deploying cloud storage technology compliant with industry security standards, the Process PA software also provides a useful data center for safeguarding board and committee management documents.

What is Process PA best for?

On the Process PA online portal, board directors can set up meeting agendas, create new meetings based on pre-existing and easily customizable templates, take minutes quickly and efficiently, and manage motions and actions. Here’s how it works in practice:

  • Agenda template. Use ready-made templates and create your own ones easily. Customize them by adding, removing, or changing the order of items.
  • Clear meeting minutes. One of the platform’s main features, the minute-taker allows you to keep track of all meeting resolutions, action items, and attachments in a handy letterhead. 
  • Predictive scheduling. Set up your meetings ahead of time — be it next week, month or even a year.
  • Auto-notifications. Stay up-to-date on meetings, action item follow-ups, and distributions of agenda items or attachments.
  • Action items. Turn meeting resolutions into specific actions or events, set realistic deadlines for each, and keep track of their progress.

Just as useful, the cloud-storage solution allows board and committee members to store all governance-related data in one place, making it easier to coordinate and retrieve specific files as needed.

Process PA use cases

Although it’s mainly directed at not-for-profit organizations, Process PA is also a cost-effective board solution for entities that don’t require multiple governance features or handle huge amounts of data, such as clubs, local associations, and small businesses.

Club managing boards can benefit from Process PA’s straightforward interface to organize weekly or monthly meetings while keeping track of minutes and decisions from previous discussions. Likewise, small businesses or associations looking to ensure compliance with bylaws or state legislation can benefit from the platform’s file archive and history of board activity.

Pros and cons of Process PA

As with any other board solution, Process PA lends itself more to some specific tasks and uses (such as meeting management), while being less suitable for others, such as large-scale corporate governance. As is often the case, it’s more a question of determining your needs than doing a simplistic feature-by-feature comparison.

That said, the below list points to some of the main aspects, both positive and negative, highlighted by platform users.


  • stored data is easy to find and retrieve
  • 30-day free trial available
  • cost-effective for smaller entities
  • responsive customer support


  • lack of some features, such as drag-and-drop and spelling auto-correct
  • design is not always intuitive for inexperienced users
  • file sending/sharing is occasionally glitchy